Home is where the heart is. Naturally, you’d want to care for your heart, right? Each part of your home needs careful attention, and one of these is your deck. It’s an ideal place for you to simply sit back and relax with family or friends. The thing is, since your deck is found outdoors, it is more susceptible to everyday dust, dirt, and grime. Here are the things you could do to preserve your composite deck boards:

Cleaning. It’s almost inevitable for dirt and grime to be stuck in the deck boards. One good way to dislodge them is by using a pressure washer. Sorry, but the garden hose just won’t cut it. Just be careful not to use too much pressure, as the water could damage the deck boards- the wooden ones, most especially. You can also pick out any dirt in between boards by using a pocket knife. As for the cleaner, choose an oxygen-based bleach cleaner instead of a chlorine-based one. Chlorine cleaners are tough on mold and mildew, but tend to discolor wood and harm the environment. Whatever type of cleaner you choose to use, always remember to follow the directions of the product. If you want to be on the safe side, you could just scrub your deck boards with a mild detergent.

Repairing. Check the boards for any voids or gaps which need filling. If any, fill them with wood filler. After it dries, sand the deck board to smoothen it. Be sure to hammer any nails which are starting to protrude. Add screws in areas where warping has begun.

Staining. Apply a staining agent or a sealer 24 hours after thoroughly cleaning your deck. When sealed, your deck board forms a protection against moisture. Staining, on the other hand, protects against sun exposure.

If you need any more help, head over to the azek.com website for all the decking information you’ll need.