I have never really thought of myself as someone who has a great influence on my friends, so it comes as quite of a surprise to know that my earth-friendliness if finally rubbing off on one of my old high school pals. She is extremely ecstatic over her purchase of a new condo unit, and is now decided on making it an earth-friendly home. If like her, you want to go green, here are a few tips on how to choose eco-friendly pieces of furniture for your home:

* Go for furniture made of sustainable wood, or simply put, wood from a source that is replaced by new growth. This contributes to reduction in the depletion of natural rainforests. You can always ask the manufacturer.
* Look for sturdy and long-lasting furniture. There is minimal chance that they’ll end up clogging a landfill, and you wouldn’t have to worry about replacing it after some time.
* Choose bamboo flooring, sofa sets, window blinds. The grasses used have no pesticides.
* Reuse, recycle. Buy pre-owned furniture from garage sales, or antique and vintage shops.

If you must purchase these overseas, try to contact a good furniture shipping company, to make sure your furniture pieces come intact. This is sure to spare you a massive headache.