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Protecting and saving the planet is not the sole responsibility of adults. Kids can also take part in preserving the planet by teaching them how to recycle. However, as parents we have to make sure that recycling activities should not be pushed as a chore.

You need to find ways to make recycling fun for kids in order to encourage them to do it. Here are some recycling activities and projects that you may want to consider:

  • Invent games that would involve recycling. For instance, you can sort recyclable stuff with the little ones and to make it more fun, ask them to toss the non-breakable recyclable items into a bin. The best recyclable item shooter gets a prize.
  • Do some recyclable art crafts. You can use plastic bottles, aluminium and tin cans, newspapers and the custom challenge coins too. This will help you to come up with a recycled art masterpiece. This will also help your child to come up with creative recycled art ideas.
  • Donating old stuff is another way of reusing or recycling items. You will also teach your little ones the value of sharing and charity.