The discovery and technological development of LEDs or light emitting diode is our redemption from high energy costs and the key to lighting efficiency. LED lights are semi-conductors that use relatively low heat to produce light thereby reducing our power consumption. They are also known to be more durable than the common incandescent, florescent and CFL lights, which means we get to save Mother Earth from additional and unnecessary waste.

LEDs have versatile uses for our daily lives. We can find it in industrial and domestic appliances, cars, lab equipments, small personal items like watch, calculator and cellular phones with the primary purpose of illumination.

LED lights come in various shapes and sizes that may be used for both commercial and personal purposes. There’s the general bulb, tube lights, and pin lights for indoors. Water proof and weather proof LED Par lamps, wall washers, backlights and wedge lights are also available for outdoors. Dimmable and color changing LED bulbs and LED Strips can be used for theaters, bars, commercial establishments. An  RGB Controller is usually installed with the lights to control the brightness and color temperature of these lights.

LED strips are thin light strips that can be cut and adjusted according to the length needed. They are commonly used for path markings in emergency exits, auditorium and stairway walkway, amusement park, canopy, bridge edge, landscape outlines and swimming pool markings.

These cost-effective lighting devices may initially cost more than the alternative lighting options but the long term benefits far outweigh the costs for us and our planet.