Building green is not as expensive as you think. There is new technology being introduced every year making it more affordable to live green and leave less of a footprint. Eco trends are all about saving money in the future, savings are one of its best benefits. Let’s move towards sustainable living for every household. The following article lists some eco trends that are becoming more popular.


Insulation will keep your house cool in summer and warm in winter. This keeps heating and cooling costs down, it increases your houses energy efficiency. Insulate your walls and floors for the best effect. Be ecofriendly by using hemp, sheep’s wall, wood fibre, recycled paper and straw. These substitutes are equally effective as any man made insulation.


Windows and doors account for 20% of the heat loss from a house. Installing double glazed windows reduces this loss; it reduces this heat loss by a third. This will in turn reduce your power bills every year. Living in Australia you should also consider the summer months when it comes to windows. Consider their positioning; they should be positioned where they are more likely to receive better breezes. Hot hair rises so highly positioned windows can make a big difference.

solar panels
Solar Panels

This is not a new trend but it is becoming more available to those of us with a moderate income. The use of a renewable energy to heat your home is a fantastic way to make your home sustainable. Solar panels are a great way to save money and power; it’s a step forward to becoming self-reliant. Solar power utilises the sun to produce energy. We have plenty of sun in Australia why not take advantage of it? You can choose to just rely on your solar power to heat your water or to power your home, there are options. There is a government fund scheme that will assist with paying for the solar panels, the government’s way to not only encourage but motivate people to go green.

Efficient Toilets

Toilets waste lots of clean drinkable water. Old models toilets can use up to 12 Litres of water per flush; water efficient toilets do the same job with less water. There is an easy switch that can be made to low flush or water-efficient toilet. Dual-flush toilets use 3 Litres. There is a design that re-uses the water used to wash hands in a basin. Another option is to integrate your rain water tank to your toilet. You still get the features of a normally functioning toilet without the guilt.

There are so many other eco options out there for your home; you just need to start your search. Take the leap today to be innovative and leave a good imprint on our environment. Lots of big builder such as Metricon Homes are jumping on the band wagon.