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Have you ever braved your unmaintained patio in wet weather? It’s like an ice skating rink. Slippery, uneven and incredibly painful when you slip over. Cleaning your patio is one of those household chores that we put in the too hard box and when left alone too long, it becomes one of those areas in the house no one likes to venture to. Especially in the summer months, we’d like to have an amazing entertaining area that isn’t like an untamed jungle. If you’re strapped for time and need your patio in tip top shape, here’s an easy guide to keeping your courtyard clean.

Move the furniture

First things first. If you leave every piece of outdoor furniture where it sits, the likelihood of it getting wet is incredibly high. Move it to a dry place and cover it with a tarp if you think it will suffer backlash from the hose.

Sweep away the dirt

To stop any further pieces of debris sticking to the ground, give the whole area a sweep with a hard bristled broom while the ground is still dry. If you start sweeping after the floor has had water on it, you are likely going to get unwanted rubbish sticking to your broom, defeating the purpose of lazy mans guide.

Protect the surrounding greenery

Have you got a vegetable garden on the outskirts of your patio? Or perhaps just a flower bed? As you will be using a high pressure hose and solutions to complete the cleaning, the last thing you want is for the vegetation to be damaged by chemicals that they are not designed to handle. Be aware of this and cover it with tarp until you are finished.

Remove and treat the weeds

Got a couple of bored teenagers lying around with nothing to do? Then call them to help you out with this job. It’s important that you remove the weeds at the root as they have a tendency to move underneath the ground and cause upheaving of your tiles. After a while, water will start to seep in, corroding the sand that supports the patio. To pull out the weeds, use your brute strength and treat with an eco-friendly weed killer to prevent them from returning.

Power cleaner

There are many different types of patios, but the most common are brick, concrete and stone. To clean these varieties, it’s more than fine to use a high pressure hose or cleaner. Stihl have a great range of cleaners that allow you to attach a detergent bottle, making for an easy clean. Check out to view their range. Besides this, you can always use your garden hose and a scrubbing brush for any of those imbedded stains. Make sure there are no soap suds remaining when you finish hosing down the ground and always use an eco-friendly detergent for minimal harm.

Dry and seal

The hard part is done and now we are on the home stretch to having a beautiful and welcoming patio area. It is important to let the patio dry completely and if you have patterned concrete, make it look as good as new by putting a seal on it.

Do you have any patio cleaning shortcuts? Tell us in the comments below.

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