Have a houseful over the holidays? Need to clean and freshen your home after Grandpa smoked his pipe and Uncle Joe his cigars? Your home will not only smell as fresh as it is clean when you attack the source of the odors, the air will be as clean. Machines that go after the minuscule particles that invade cracks and vents use ozone (O3) to battle them out. O3 will always be the winner because O3 is simply oxygen (O2) with an added atom. Lightening is one method nature uses to create ozone naturally. But man has found a way to mimic nature with machines that produce ozone by electricity. The added oxygen atoms that cling to O2 molecules charge after pollutants that cause offensive smells. Smells are effectively eliminated. Because O3 can go into the smallest of crevices, no nasty smells can avoid its path.

odorfree machine

Mold odors, pet odors, food odors are just some of the odors these machines can eliminate. So they not just make our home smell clean but eliminate odors that could cause helath problems.

These machines are very easy to use. They come in several sizes so you can choose the one that best fits the space you need to treat. For examples of numerous options available you can look on Odorfreemachines.com. After you find the one you need all you have to do to use it is plug it in and vacate the space for the designated, recommended amount of time. Depending on the area to be treated the odors can be eliminated in as little as one hour.

Many times we put air freshners after we clean our rooms or any area in our homes. It just means that not just we want our home look clean but also to smell clean. These odorfree machines are just perfect for every household.