There are groups and even legislators in some developing countries who pushes for the re-fitting of fuel-fed vehicles, especially the public transport system such as jeepneys, buses and tricycles with natural gas or replacing them with electric vehicles. For them, this will not only a big help in the dramatic reduction of carbon emission problem but also provides a long-term solution in the seems to be never ending oil price increase. Fair enough, I also find it appropriate to patronize now such kind of eco-friendly vehicles.

Think of an image in which motorists uses electric and hybrid cars all over the busy streets. Is it great that there’s no more toxic smoke and it means lesser pollution and safer ecology? Not many may have not known it but eco cars can save the nature from being more devastated. Carbon dioxide is the leading cause of environment destruction and it was aggravated by using gas and diesel. Most of the cars emitted such harmful gas.

Good thing that some companies are now manufacturing hybrid or electric and even solar-powered cars and other transportation that harnesses green energy. One of them is Ford C-Max. This infographic video provided by MSN is clear statement of how electric or hybrid cars would help the ailing environment.



Some people may find the conversion or buying hybrid cars expensive. But this investment could saved them from costly crude prices that are feared to experience serious crisis that nobody can tell yet when.

It is now the high time to push for the full use of eco technology for what matters the most is what kind of environment we will prepare for the children of the future.


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