cleaning oven, oven care, ovenIt’s so easy to overlook the insides of your oven when you clean your kitchen. When you roast and bake your food, you can have accidental spills and splatters all over the insides of your oven. These can turn into stubborn stains and gunk when you do not clean them up right away. As much as you would like to make a fairy wish to get your oven sparkly clean again, you do have to put some elbow grease into your oven clean up.

Here are some tips on how you can care for your oven the good old traditional way:

Read the Manual – There are different types of ovens in the market today with specific care instructions for each type. You cannot go wrong by reading and following the manufacturer’s manual. Your manual should contain detailed instructions on how to clean your oven properly.

Wipe Down After Cooking – Spend the extra time giving your oven a quick wipe down after cooking. Remember to cool the over first before doing anything with the insides. Conventional ovens can be cleaned with a cloth warm soapy water. Others like the bottom of their ovens with aluminium foil before roasting or baking. This makes clean up quicker as spills are caught by the foil, leaving you with only the sides and ceiling of the oven to clean up.

Soak and Scrub – More stubborn dirt and grime requires more effort. You can soak oils and liquids with baking soda and then wipe it down with a warm damp cloth. Give it a second wiping with another clean wet cloth. Burnt substances stuck on your oven’s walls and bottom can be doused with an oven cleaning solution and scrubbed with a scouring pad. To prevent this from happening again, it is recommended that you clean up spills, drips, and splatters as soon as possible.

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