Wedding is one of the most special events in one’s life; hence we want everything to be perfect and beautiful. Everything must be well-planned from the bride’s wedding gown, to the photographers like the wedding photographers Raleigh nc, and down to the wedding favors. It is a day filled with love and it could also be an opportunity for you to show your passion for the environment. Here are some suggestions on how you should make your wedding eco-friendly:

  • Go for Eco-friendly invitations by using tree-free or 100% recycled paper.
  • Choose wedding rings which are made of recycled precious stones and metals.
  • Use organic or locally grown flowers to make the wedding more eco-friendly.
  • Wedding favors must carry an eco-friendly theme that will inspire guests to become more aware about the condition of the environment.
  • Leftover foods should be donated instead of just throwing them.