The cold weather is a great reason to snuggle up with your family in the cozy comfort of your home. To continue enjoying such times with the family, every homeowner should take the necessary steps to properly prepare his home for the winter. Even when the season has set in, there are home care tips that people should pay attention to. This helps keep the family members safe from illnesses and the house from potential damage.

windows during winter,

Condensation on windows

The windows of the house are considered to be critical areas during this season since they are supposed to keep the cold air out and the warm air in. In their normal course of duty, the windows themselves can take quite a beating from the extreme cold weather. In these areas of the home, you can find common moisture problems like molds and sweating.

To care for your windows during winter, take note of the following tips:
1. Make sure that any cracks or spaces around the windows are properly sealed to keep the excess moisture out.

2. If you have older windows, it is best to install external storm windows for added protection. It is also best to avoid window frames made of metal since they conduct cold temperature.

3. To address the excess moisture that could cause mold formation, you may want to consider installing a dehumidifier.

4. Proper venting of dryers, fireplaces, and heaters is necessary to prevent sweating in windows.

5. Setting the thermostat to a temperature lower than 70 degrees Fahrenheit is also recommended to address condensation problems.

During the cold months, the key to preventing molds and mildew inside the house is to keep things dry. Your main concern is to control the moisture level in your home. Assuming that you have done your window maintenance work during the pre-winter months, what’s left to pay attention to would be to wipe down any visible moisture in your glass panes as needed. Regularly inspect the areas around your windows to catch any potential problems and address them before they get worse. If necessary, do not hesitate to call for professional help. There are plenty of mold and mildew specialists and contractors you can turn to for help with your mold and moisture problems.

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