With today’s technology world, radiation is a common problem by almost every one of us especially those like me who are in front of their computers or with the cellular phones all day long. These acts are obviously not favorable to the environment and to our babies as well even those babies in our womb.

Since we really cannot deny the fact that people of today’s modern world are highly dependent with the technologies available such as computers and mobile phones, the only thing that we can do minimize the carbon emission we produce is to use different eco-friendly items without compromising the comfort that we currently enjoying with technologies. Solar powered chargers for our mobile phones will do or patronizing computer monitors using LED technologies.

While we continue to use high-tech gadgets, radiation is still there to harm our babies. Good thing I have the Belly Amor products like the Belly Blanket, Belly Tee, and the Belly Band. It does keep my baby safe while I am continuously doing my normal tasks in my computer as it minimizes the radiation to penetrate.

These products are made of soft cotton and feature a RadiaShield lining to protect your baby from radiation. I find the Baby Tee comfortable enough to be a daily basic top or an undershirt all day for our protection, as it is lightweight and breathable.

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