Kitchens and bathrooms are the two rooms most people have on their wish list for renovation. Whilst they are some of the most expensive rooms in the house to overhaul or redesign, they also add the most value to your home and a new kitchen or bathroom gives a wonderful feel of luxury and cleanliness. Whereas a living room can be redecorated with a lick of paint and some new furniture however, a kitchen or bathroom requires much more structural work all together.

Bathroom redesigns involve quite a lot of plumbing work as well as aesthetic changes, especially if you plan to change the layout of the room. Moving the toilet, sink, bath or shower means that all the pipework has to be altered and basically restarted from scratch. This is great if you want a blank canvas on which to create a whole new look and feel to your room, but unless you have considerable experience in plumbing you should hire a professional for a job like this, which involves a huge deal of knowledge and skill. There are wires as well as water in a bathroom so extra care must be taken. Plumbing Services from Dyno are top quality and they can offer you Bathroom Plumbing Advice in the planning stage as well as practical help with the installation.

renovating bathroom, bathroom renovation, bathroom designs, plumbingThere are many choices to be made when redesigning your bathroom. One of the biggest is what to have in it. Do you want a stand-alone shower, a bath, or a full wet room? Wet rooms are the most extravagant option and they will set you back the most, however they are increasingly popular and could possibly increase the value of your home by more than their cost. In a wet room you have the option of a wide head waterfall shower or even multi jets to give that extra touch of luxury. Baths come in all shapes and sizes too, and you have more than the traditional options of corner or straight to choose from.

Decorating your bathroom is mostly about tiles so choose carefully. You can tile the whole room, half or just sections. Tiling is actually harder than it looks and tiles aren’t cheap. Cracking any can be an expensive mistake and they are notoriously hard to cut without this happening. Grouting too is tricky and done incorrectly can allow water to seep in, ruining your tiles over the following months. There is loads of advice available for would be tilers, but unless you feel confident with it hiring a professional could save you money in the long run.

Once you have planned the bathroom of your dreams speak to your tradesmen and establish whether or not it is realistic. Work with them to overcome any hiccups and compromise to get the best solution for all involved. Use their knowledge and expertise and listen to what they have to say. There is no point forking out for the bathroom you’ve always wanted if it isn’t maintainable so take their advice and follow any care instructions they give you, and you can enjoy your new bathroom for many years to come.

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