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The summer months usually bring a spike to electricity bills and water bills in residential homes. People try to find ways to cool themselves down during the hot humid season that commonly consists of turning up the air conditioning system in the house, frequent baths and changing of pool water, and overworking the ref by storing loads of drinks to cool. Unfortunately, these methods can take a toll not just on the household budget but also on the planet. Powering homes with solar energy can help save mother earth and get savings on household bills as well.

Solar energy is a popular alternative energy source in the US. Solar technology has been available for decades already but it was only in recent years that it became a doable option for regular households. Solar powered homes utilize the renewable energy from the sun to generate electricity and heat for the house. There are several types of solar energy systems that cover different household needs. These systems make use of solar cells or panels to collect energy from the sun and store them in batteries to ensure continuity of power at night or when the sun is covered by the clouds. These panels help increase power sustainability because they are virtually limitless. As long as the sun continues to shine solar homes will have free energy to consume. On the downside, the cost of materials and installation of solar power is quite costly. Some estimate that it would take at least five years worth of electricity savings to cover the cost of these panels.

Those who are considering a switch to solar powered homes need to think of it as an investment with long term returns. It may take quite some time to recover the installation cost, but it is no match to the free electricity that can be enjoyed for a lifetime. The added bonus is that one gets to help in conserving the natural resources of the planet.

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