Many are now aware that the earth is getting worse and needs to be healed as early as possible. Saving the environment can be done in various ways. Some preferred to use recycled materials while others opt to use those products that are made of sustainably sourced materials. Today living sustainable need not to live the ancient world. There are already enough sources for eco-friendly living today. There were eco-architecture, green vehicle, green clothing and a lot more. Lately, many of the clothing brands are into eco-friendly packaging materials and now, even when you are sending your mails can also be done sustainably already.

If you are not yet familiar with eco-friendly mailing envelopes, then it is now time for you to get to know this product. These envelopes are generally made with 35% post consumer recycled plastic and just like the traditional mailing envelopes that we have, these envelopes are also waterproof and writeable. In this way, e-mailing is not anymore the eco-friendly way of sending mails. If the e-mail is paperless, the postal mail now has the eco-friendly mailing envelopes already.

Aside from the eco-friendly mailing envelopes there are still a wide number of choices for our packaging needs. We can opt to have those that uses poly film or Polyethylene Film. We all know that Polyethylene is the most recyclable type of plastic. We can use it for our shopping bags, garbage bag, and a lot more.

The awareness of global warming is now becoming popular worldwide. It is not anymore a surprise to see various eco-friendly products available in the market today. In fact, it is becoming common. What’s surprising is, more and more people are starting to like these eco-friendly products and becoming more aware of their carbon footprints, which is good news to environmentalists and of course to the environment.

Mailing Envelopes