Honda and Alpacas. Who would’ve thought that they would go together so well? I was browsing for a car when I came across the alpaca story. They look so adorable yet out of place in an automobile site that it piqued my curiosity.

 Aside from sedans and SUVs, I don’t usually pay much attention to other Honda products. Until I saw Philippa’s short film with the alpacas. It’s refreshing to see people with one of a kind trade using the same brand as you do especially when the subjects are as interesting as Philippa and her alpacas. She actually made a ride through rugged-terrain look smooth and effortless.

Honda’s sponsorship of this mini-documentary film communicates their value for innovation, excellence and care for its users. This was done by recognizing exemplary people like Philippa who was a pioneer in her field, a multi-awarded alpaca breeder who clearly loves her animals and of course a Honda user. What’s nice about it is it also encourages other people to share their Honda stories to honor both the user and the product. With a lot of Honda users out there, others are bound to follow Philippa’s short film debut and show us their unique way of using their Honda.

The short films featuring Honda owners and their stories could be a great source of inspiration for those who would like to make a mark in their respective fields as well as encourage Honda product owners to explore the versatility of their vehicles. The mini-documentary about Philippa is just the first of four such films by Wieden + Kennedy ( W+K). I really can’t wait to see the other short films on Channel 4 documentaries.