The Earth is experiencing erratic changes, thus it becomes apparent on the current climate changes that we feel. It’s time to do our share in making homes eco-friendly particularly our kitchen. To have environment friendly it must have the following:

1. Energy efficient lighting, avoid using incandescent bulbs because it consumes too much energy yet it do not provide sufficient light.

2. Renewal flooring and counter-tops, although aesthetically speaking granite and marble floors are very good choice; once you decide to renovate your kitchen, these materials could no longer be reused.

3. Kitchen faucet free from dripping. It is very important to save water. You need to make sure that all faucets are properly working and there are no signs of dripping.

4. Natural cleaners, if you can do away with using chemical cleaners it would be much better. The use of natural cleaners such as lemon juice and vinegar are also as effective as these chemical cleaners.