As they say in Game of Thrones “winter is coming”. Thankfully though people in the UK aren’t at the mercy of white walkers, only freezing temperatures and chilly winds.

But those winds can be a nightmare, and with the patchy weather that’s been experienced this summer a lot of people aren’t looking forward to biting winds and gales that create goosebumps on their goosebumps.

The best way to experience freezing temperatures is on the other side of a window in a living room, with a roaring fire warming up the room and a hot chocolate in hand.

The only thing that can top that scenario and truly complement somebody’s comfortable surroundings is with the addition of a beanbag.

Warm and cosy

bean bags


Beanbags are for everyone, and a wonderful piece of furniture for any home. Different from a couch, one of the best qualities possessed by beanbags is that they can be moved anywhere at any time. Why not pick up a soft one and snuggle into it in front of the fire on a cold winter’s night?

The sheer variety of beanbags also means there’s a beanbag for the whole family to choose from to warm themselves up with. People have the choice of getting a smaller, more personal beanbag to cuddle into, with smaller beanbags available for the children.

For the family that loves to huddle together in a blissful cosy setting though there are beanbags large enough to accommodate the whole family! Or, for a loved up couple looking to gaze longingly into the flames on a Sunday evening, sofa bed beanbags offer a unique and creative experience they can enjoy for hours.

For everyone to enjoy

Comfort is the key word when it comes to beanbags. As well as them being available in different shapes and sizes, they are also available in a number of comfortable fabrics including corduroy, faux fur, leather, and many more besides.

Though the weather may be cold the autumn and winter seasons in the UK offer some of the most stunning scenery anywhere on the planet. That’s the beauty of a beanbag; it’s compact, light nature means that it can be enjoyed anywhere.

Coming into the latter months means it’ll be colder, but there’ll also be the odd day where the afternoon is warm and the sky clear. So why not take the beanbag onto the porch or in the garden, and watch the sun set in comfort amongst the trees?

There are beanbags available for outdoor comfort too, with their structure similar to that of a deckchair. And when the spring and summer months roll around again, they’re perfect to take outside and sit in the garden relaxing in total comfort as an alternative to lying on a towel.

If you’d like to know more about beanbags and want to take a look at some of the most comfortable and affordable available in the UK visit Great Bean Bags today to find out more.