More and more people are opting to move into smaller living spaces especially with the mortgage trouble that many people have experienced in the past years. For people who love to work in their kitchens, the space constraint can be a big challenge. With a little creativity though, people with small kitchens can maximize the use of their space. It does not really take a lot of money to make your small kitchen more functional. While those who have more money to spare can opt to hire contractors to customize their kitchen, there are those who are cash strapped and have to make do with what they have.

Here are some tips that you might want to consider to maximize the space of your small kitchen without having to spend much money:

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A little organization goes a long way in making room in small spaces. Categorize the items in your kitchen and store them properly instead of having them all scattered on your countertops. Put your spices and condiments together. If you like to bake, have a section of your kitchen cabinets designated for your baking supplies and equipment.

Pare down. You do not need a dozen pots and pans. Go minimalist with a sauce pan, a fry pan, a stock pot, a casserole, stove top grill, and maybe a pasta pot. This alone immediately frees up half of your cabinet space. Also, go for multi-function appliances. A breakfast machine that puts together a coffee maker and a toaster in one compact piece of appliance will save you some counter space.

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