A common concern among individuals who live in apartment buildings and condominium units is the limited space for furnishings and storage. More often than not, furnishings are kept at a minimum and purchase habits become affected by the restricted storage. This also means that residents of these flats should carefully consider their furniture or they may find themselves in a cramped and cluttered living space. Here are some space-saving ideas that can help reduce clutter and address storage concerns in small apartments or units.

storage, storage under staircase, drawersUtilize Recessed Space. One space saving strategy is to look at every available nook and cranny of the house and determine how you can use them to your advantage. Recessed space under the stairs or sink can be utilized for storage or works paces by adding some built-in shelves, cabinets, or desks and drawers. Finding ways to utilize these spaces are made easy with the availability of furnishings like beds or platforms fitted with under storage features. (image courtesy of nabolsi.net)

Consider Pull-out Storage in designing interiors for the apartment. People who are left with no choice but to utilize “deep” shelves or cabinets in their pantry should consider pull-out storage that allow them to conveniently access everything in it. They can simply slide the storage out to get items on the deepest part of the shelves and simply slide it back in the compartment after they finish.

fold down work space, work spaceAnother idea that can help you maximize space is the use of fold-down work spaces. These work spaces are similar to diaper changing areas that are found in public rest rooms where one can simple fold the work surface back into the wall after use. Those who want their work spaces to be tailored for their needs can work with a contractor or an efficient handyman that can help them with the design and ensure good craftsmanship.
(image courtesy of houzz.com)