To give your home a rustic appeal, aside from using log furniture you can add an antler chandelier. A rustic antler chandelier will make the perfect centerpiece in your house. It is a very impressive display of natural beauty. This chandelier can be constructed from your collection of horns from animals such as deer, mule, moose, elk and caribou. You can gather these horns from the annual shedding of these animals.

To create your own rustic antler chandelier, you begin by assessing the antlers that you are going to use. There are artificial and replicated antlers but it is best that you go for natural pieces. There are kits available that will help and guide you to create your own antler chandelier. If you already have one, you can deconstruct it and check how it was done. Make sure that the wires and electricity are properly installed. You can use modeling clay to level the bulbs. Once done, and you need to put it on an electrical source, it is better to seek help of a professional.