Every time a new millennium begins, there can be an expectation of greater things to come. It is human nature to be innovative and to create new technologies and products to make life better. This is also true when it comes to healthcare. The vast changes that were seen in the 20th century were simply amazing, but many wonder how healthcare is changing now that the 21st century is wholeheartedly underway.

Millennials Attitudes
One of the major changes in healthcare is the attitude of the younger generation. In the past, people took advantage of whatever healthcare was available that they could afford. It was seen as a blessing to be able to get proper healthcare. However, today, we have amazing health care resources available, but it seems the younger generation isn’t so quick to use these resources. As explained by USC, millennials seem to be most focused on how much health care costs and not so much concerned as to if they need it or not.

This attitude isn’t really restricted to the younger generation, though. People of all ages worry about the cost of healthcare, which has been steadily rising for years. It isn’t enough to have high-quality health care. People have to be able to afford it, or they won’t get the care they need. This change to concern over cost is becoming a major issue in healthcare in this millennium.

Impact of Technology
The world of technology has grown by leaps and bounds in the new millennium. This has led to many new innovations in healthcare. Technology has enabled better global health management. It is has introduced diagnostic processes that enable diseases to be discovered and treated earlier. As explained by UC, it has also led to a greater spread of health information, which enables better healthcare across the board. Advances in technology have made a huge impact for providers and patients, making care more readily available and improving the quality of that care.

Perhaps the most volatile area of healthcare in the new millennium has been health care policies and laws. The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act has seen its share of debate since it was enacted in 2010. The future of the ACA is uncertain. It has led to some major issues, but it has also been praised for some great benefits. The way the law is changed will greatly affect healthcare, but the uncertainty creates issues in the meantime. It is unlikely that the ACA will be the last health care law on the books, so there are sure to be more changes in the law that will continue to impact the industry throughout the new millennium.

The new millennium is something that we will get to watch unfold. Part of the things we are sure to see change is the health care industry. Advancements may help to wipe out diseases, increase patient care and bring new innovations that can change people’s lives. However, until major issues, like cost, are resolved, it isn’t clear how much this industry can really grow or how beneficial any growth will end up being for patients.