Many people have an old car that is just sitting in the garage collecting dust, and they don’t want to sell it. So what can they do with their golden oldie?

Well, most people at some stage have wanted to have an F1 race car, and it is quite possible to turn your old car into one.  Of course converting your old car into a flashy race car might take some serious work but the end result is all worth the trouble. Brand new F1 car parts can cost an absolute fortune that many of us simply cannot afford. The good news is that there are various places where you can buy used auto parts at a fraction of the price, and they are still in good working condition.

When F1 cars are built, they are assembled by many mechanics at the same time and by people who are skilled in certain areas. They also make use of high-tech machinery, which ensures that every piece of the engine and body is fabricated perfectly. There are many aspects to a formula one car, and it is a good idea that you do research on them. This way you will know exactly how F1 cars run and this means that you will know how to build one.

Converting your old car will mean that you will pretty much have to strip the entire body and most of the equipment from inside the car. The engine will have to be totally overhauled as F1 engines are quite different from a normal car engine. F1 cars are one-seater cars and this means that you will have to modify the frame of the car as well to make it smaller and to give it the same basic shape as a formula one car.

F1 cars are beautiful cars but building one can be hard and frustrating work. Take the time to find out all you can about them so that you can convert your golden oldie into a super race car.