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When decorating and furnishing your home it is important that one style is used throughout. By using one type of furniture, such as pine, it creates consistency but allows you to alter the colour schemes and decorative styles in each room. This enables you to develop character in each room yet have consistency throughout.

The decorating and furnishing of your home can be a fun and rewarding process, but for some reason many homeowners see it as a chore. There are all kinds of fantastic styles and colour schemes to choose from, allowing you to get creative and show off your personality. Seeing as there are so many different options and looks to go for, it also means that making your home look its best can be challenging. You will notice when you visit a friend or family member’s home how their house both looks and feels, and the best homes will have an attractive and welcoming interior design style that is also a reflection of their personality. So, how do you go about creating a home that achieves all of this?

It is important to do thorough research online and look at what different interior design styles there are. Once you have decided on one which suits your house as well as your taste, then you will not want to stray too far from this style. If you were to use an art deco style in one room but a shabby chic style in another then this would clash and create an uncomfortable, unstylish feel. By picking one style you can experiment with different colour schemes in each room to ensure that each room does not look the same, but it is also important that there is consistency linking all of the rooms together. This is best achieved with the furniture. Every room in the house needs furniture whether it is a sofa, dining room table, desk, wardrobe or a bench for your garden. By picking one style or material and using this throughout it will create a consistent style, but it will allow you to change the decoration in each room to add variation.

Wooden furniture is the most popular choice, and for good reason too. It is not only strong and reliable; it also looks fantastic and has warmth to it that you do not get with plastics or metal. A good example is in an office or workspace you have in your home. By having a beautiful pine desk, wooden chair and a bookcase it will immediately create a warm, welcoming atmosphere in this space. Wood is also versatile and can work with most interior design styles and colour schemes.

By using wooden furniture throughout the home you will be able to create consistency but allow each room to have its own character through wall colour, flooring and other decorative items. This is important because each room serves a different purpose so they should differ, but they also need to be tied together for a sleek, professional look.

This is something that you will notice with all the best looking, most welcoming homes that you visit. The key is to pick an interior design style in tune with your taste and house type, and then ensuring this style is present in each area of the home.

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