If you are an active student footballer in the United Kingdom, you might have an upper edge in getting entrance at some colleges. Although all the colleges do not provide it, yet there are some colleges that might offer you an entrance scholarship on courses having sports subjects, like sports science. The entrance scholarship also depends upon the college admission staff reviewing your application.

If you are an elite standard footballer, you can get financial scholarship from organizations such as    UK Sport. Apart from that, there are many universities that provide many sports facilities to students, like the University of Bath, and the Loughborough University. These universities host many nationally funded facilities for training of competitive athlete students.

Apart from these scholarships, some universities also offer monetary compensations to bright athlete students, though the amount is not very attractive. Because athletic achievements are more recognized at American universities, many British students enrol in courses at American universities, though this generally happens in the case of golf.

If you are a pro footballer at your college, you can also take the help of sports scholarship agencies that award sports scholarships to talented student athletes. One such agency in UK is the Athlete USA. You can contact them to get monetary aid based on your football skills.

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