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What is precyling? Based on Thesaurus Oxford English, the “pre” means before. Thus precycing could mean before recycling or it can also be preventing recycling. How is precycling done? Quite simple, you only need to take a little action before recycling happens. Here are some of the precycling tips that you may find very useful:

  • Buy less disposable items such as diapers, napkins and towels. Opt to use items which are made of cloth so there is no need to dispose stuff; all you need to do is to wash them.
  • When you go to grocery, it is better to bring your own bag rather than use plastic bags. In this manner, you are preventing the recycling process of plastics because you will just reuse your bag every time.
  • Buy long life products such as bulbs and batteries. This will prevent having more of these products ending up in the landfill.