Everyone is doing their part to save Mother Earth there are even eco-friendly musicians. If you have not heard of these eco-friendly musicians or bands and you wonder how they help in greening the music industry; well here are some characteristics of eco-friendly musicians/bands.

  • Musicians drive most of the time especially if they have tours. Instead of spending much money on regular fuel these musicians/bands use vegetable oil to run their vehicles. Some even collect and filter the used vegetable oil from their favorite restaurants.
  • Eco-friendly musicians power the batteries of his gadgets with the help of solar panels. They save a lot in electricity because they use the natural source.
  • CDs are handprinted on recycled cardboards and they do not use plastic.
  • Guitar picks are made of bio-compostable and eco-friendly materials. These guitar picks offer the same strength and durability as the standard guitar picks.

As you listen to your favorite bands/musician sing over theĀ  mxl microphones, it is best to know if they are one of the very few eco-friendly musicians that we have. If so, help them spread their advocacy towards saving and preserving mother Earth.