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We all want to create a healthy environment for our families in today’s technology driven world, and ensuring a home uses green heating technology is vital for achieving this.

Electric radiators may not sound as if they should be associated with green living, but modern electric heating technology can now create a home heating experience that no other can match in efficiency.

Just by replacing the wasteful and unsightly night storage heaters that many homes still use with a trendy modern radiator, a home will lose a large amount of its carbon footprint while ensuring a clearer environment for everyone.

What are night storage heaters?

When night storage heaters became popular in the 1970s, little was known about their long term usage. Manufacturers and customers alike were more concerned with selling an easy to use system that kept costs low.

Night storage heaters are now regarded as outdated model of heater unfavourable to the environment. This is because they release small amounts of carbon, which gradually has a significant impact on the atmosphere over time; adding to the crisis of global warming.

Harmful to human health

Night storage heaters can also have a detrimental effect on human health as well due to the carbon dust release affecting our respiratory systems, with cases of soreness and inflammation in the lungs being linked to storage heater use.

Children are particularly at risk of being affected by carbon elements, as their immune systems are not developed enough to completely fend off hazardous materials.

Although this certainly doesn’t mean that adults aren’t affected too. Asthma sufferers of all ages are at risk from carbon release, causing them to experience increased asthmatic symptoms.

What can electric radiators do different?

Today’s radiators are more efficient than past designs because they utilize cutting-edge technology that requires less energy to run without threatening the environment.

Such technology includes the popular Magmatic Heat Retention design which relies on the use of unique tablets that stores the generated heat in order to gradually release it after the radiator automatically switches itself off. This works as a modernised equivalent to storage heaters, only without danger to human health or the environment.

As they need less energy to function, electric radiators have the dual benefit of decreasing costs while reducing the electricity required.

Safer for the home

Electric radiator designs are far removed from the clunky appearance of old storage heaters as they are compact, stylish and safe. These Radiators can be wall mounted or stored in safe areas that keeps them out of reach of young children, such as being situated behind furniture or shelving.

The position of a radiator won’t cause a loss of heat because 21st century technology allows for heat to be distributed evenly around a room, even when the radiator is surrounded by objects in the home.

Make your family home stylish

The other great benefit of modern electric radiators is that they are very stylish; a far cry from the old storage heaters of yesteryear. These new designs can match the contemporary home décor of any room in a home thanks to sleek designs that come in a variety of different colours, with a different shade for each room if required.

Safer materials

Modern radiators also have the benefit of being crafted with strong materials like chrome and nickel, which not only cut down on the inevitability of radiator corrosion, but also make the sound of a radiator’s internal mechanics quieter, preventing disruption around the home.

When you switch to an eco-friendly radiator you will make your home a safer place for your family while reducing your home’s carbon footprint.