5 Ways To Reduce Stress In Your Home

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For many of us, life has become somewhat frantic, and it’s likely our homes reflect our chaotic frame of mind. It feels like there just aren’t enough hours in the day to get things done, and before you know it, your home is a mess of dirty dishes, unwashed laundry, books stacked up on all surfaces, and dust covering everything… but have no fear! There are things you can do to reduce the stress in your home. Here are five of them.

1. Use Crystals

Crystals? Yes, crystals. They’ve long been believed to be the answer to our daily imbalance, drawing positive energy to our homes. There are hundreds of crystals of different shapes and colours, all used for different purposes. Some are great for emotional wellbeing – calmness and understanding of those around you. Others may prevent physical ailments. Talk to experts who have a wide range of crystals and a wealth of knowledge, like those at Feel Crystals, who’ll advise you on the perfect crystals to suit your needs.

2. Remove Clutter

Clutter equals stress, even if you’re not conscious of it. Avoid having too many ornaments on display. Keep your electrical cords contained. Any appliances in your kitchen that aren’t used for a year probably won’t be again – ditch them. The same goes for clothes. Books and DVDs should go on shelves, not be left all over the place. Children’s toys should be kept away when not in use.

3. Use The Right Colours

It’s long been known that shades of red, orange and yellow spark irritation in most of us. You may want to avoid these colours in big amounts. A small splash of these hues is perfectly fine though – we all need some bright colours in our lives. Instead, shades of green, blue, and brown should be left for bigger areas – whole walls, big furniture items and the like. They invoke a feeling of calmness and a feeling of oneness with nature.

4. Have A Happy Room

If you’ve got a spare room, or even a small area that you can call your own, fill it with items that make you feel calm and happy. Perhaps some nice artwork, souvenirs and vacation snaps, your favourite books, or things your kids made when they were younger. Anything that makes you smile! Go to this area when you’re feeling stressed. You’ll feel better afterwards.

5. Be Technology-Less

While we rely on technology to get things done these days, it can lead to stress without you realising. It’s unrealistic to think you can live life without technology, but it is totally doable for allocated moments in each day in which you stay away from it. However, if there are certain things that relieve your stress – like reading books on your e-reader or listening to your iPod, then they’re okay! Just take short periods of time each day to breathe, meditate, write in a journal, or just relax without the aid of any gadgets.

While most of us have the same idea of what causes stress in our homes, we all have a different stress threshold. Some households can handle a lot of stressors, while for others the end of the tether is reached quickly. Try out these tips and see if the stress in your home is reduced.

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Advocating Environmental Stewardship for a Sustainable World

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Dwindling resources, extreme weather conditions, and natural disasters can be threats to the survival of marine and land species. Unfortunately, modern human activities have brought all three together to wreak havoc in present time. Urbanization, overpopulation, pollution, and irresponsible use of resources have led to the destruction of ecosystems and extinction of species over the past decades. If people continue to turn a blind eye to the damage that is being done to the environment, then there is little hope for a sustainable world in the future.

Everyone who lives in this planet is responsible for taking care of it. Caring for the environment can start by opening one’s eyes to ecological concerns, ethical use of resources, and the relationship between humans and nature. Dancing Star Foundation (DSF) extends its hand to protect the planet by being committed to the advocacy of environmental stewardship for a sustainable world.

DSF is a California based non-profit organization that promotes international biodiversity conservation, animal protection, and global environmental education. Their programs include awareness campaigns through films, publications, lectures and symposia, ecological restoration efforts, and environmental field research.

Awareness plays an important role in environmental stewardship. Some people need a tap on the shoulder, or a nudge on their conscience, before acknowledging their responsibility to the environment and take steps to protect it. Spreading awareness can help multiply the good that can be done for the environment. The global environmental education arm of the Dancing Star Foundation has released several books, documentary films, and videos that deal with environmental and social issues all over the world. These are well researched films and books written by experts. Examples of these are Ecosystems on the Edge which was done in partnership with the Smithsonian Environmental Research Center, and Why Life Matters: Fifty Ecosystems of the Heart and Mind by Michael Charles Tobias and Jean Gray Morrison. One advantage of films over books is that they provide graphic images that take people closer to environmental issues. It also makes the threat of ecological extinction more real because viewers are given fact based visuals on the damage that humans can inflict on other species.

The Dancing Star Foundation is not just “all talk”. Aside from spreading awareness, it also takes part in conservation efforts and animal protection. Their trust is to save and protect lives of animals, to use sound conservation strategies for restoring healthy and free populations of species, and to safeguard their habitat. DSF currently owns and maintains an ecological preserve in New Zealand.

Dancing star foundation

DSF Ecological Preserve in New Zealand

The conservation site covers about 400 acres of land that provides refuge for 7 known invertebrate species, around 126 native species, 11 native bird species. In the US, the foundation’s initiatives and partnerships are geared towards the sanctuary for domestic and wild species. DSF has an animal sanctuary for rescued animals in Central California. This refuge is manned by managers, caregivers, and maintenance staff to take care of their resident animals as well as habitat management and restoration.

The Earth is the only world where humankind can live. As this planet changes, species can go extinct and new life forms can emerge. The world’s resources are dwindling and the culprit is human activity. There is no more room for blind eyes and deaf ears when it comes to environmental issues. The Dancing Star Foundation has shown through its programs that the Earth needs a lot of care. It is time to start being an environmental steward for a sustainable world.

Images from Dancing Star Foundation website.

Sponsored by: Dancing Star Foundation

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The Movement to Eliminate Reusable Bags

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Disposable bags, especially the plastic ones that have become almost ubiquitous at grocery stores and other retailers, are taking a huge toll on the environment – and on consumers’ wallets. In order to eliminate this source of environmental and economic waste, companies, cities, and even whole states are taking measures to discourage consumers and retailers from using disposable bags.

One of the most common approaches to combatting this problem is to create a financial disincentive for disposable bag use. It is difficult for consumers to realize the cost of providing this convenience when it is not directly tied to a cost they can see. Retailers are beginning to charge a fee to customers who choose to use plastic or paper sacks. In addition, some states have mandated all retailers to charge these types of fees. The hope is that when consumers have a more visible reminder of the expense their preferences create, they will shift their expectations and choose to use more environmentally friendly options.

Some cities and even a few states have enacted outright bans on the use of disposable bags. In some cases, these bans have been applied to large retailers that have the resources to more easily make a shift to an environmentally friendly alternative. In others, the prohibition has been applied across the board, with all retailers – and consumers – required to transition to other options.

Read the infographic below for more on why eliminating reusable bags has become such an urgent priority.

Infographic: Harness the Power of Brand Recognition
Click here for the full-sized image.
Enjoyed this infographic? Read more promotional marketing tips from HALO.

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Three Home Safety Strategies You Should Implement Immediately

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These days, more and more homeowners are realizing that placing primacy on the safety of their private living space is important. By making safety a priority, homeowners can preclude themselves and their loved ones from falling prey to life-endangering accidents and mishaps. If you’re interested in optimizing the safety of your home immediately, consider implementing the following strategies today:

1. Elevated Deck Systems Installation.

elevated deck, deck system, deck, elevated deck system

As many home design experts know, elevated decks can increase the safety of your home. The elevated pedestal/paver system is effective in raising the surface of your deck to the entry threshold, thereby meeting the ADA’s requirements while also permitting safe, easy access. The end result of the installation is sufficient drainage and the prevention of water puddling on the deck’s surface. Companies like Elevated Deck Systems can install the systems near pedestrian walkways, patio areas, and pool decks. Learn more today by visiting the company website at http://elevateddecksystems.com/.

2. Home Security System Installation.

security camera, home security, cctv, home safety

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In this technological era, home security systems are all the rage. Although each system is different, the home security system basically comes with technologically advanced features such as automated door locking and unlocking as well as e-mail and text message updates that inform you of any suspicious activity transpiring on your property.

3. Be Discreet On Social Media.

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These days, many people are passionate and consistent about connecting with friends and/or family members via social channels such as Pinterest, Twitter, or Facebook. However, one of the dangers of communicating with people on these public channels is giving away too much private information. For example, some people might use Twitter as a medium through which to tell another person that they are going on vacation. This type of activity is not prudent because criminals can take this information and use it as a springboard to decide when to break in. For this reason, being discreet on social media regarding your general activity is important and advantageous.


If you’re serious about ensuring that your home is safe and secure as possible, there are at least three ways to realize your objective. By installing an elevated deck system or home security system and being discreet on social media, you’ll likely find that your private living space becomes safer than ever.

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Quick Route to a New Home

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Owning a house is a basic need for most people who are starting a family. House hunting may not be an easy task but buying one isn’t as hard as it used to be. Funding is a common hindrance for home buyers, but there are now financial planners and real estate brokers who can help provide solutions for this dilemma. One key to buying a house without much financial pressure is a housing loan. With the right housing loan Philippines, one can get funds for a new house immediately and pay for it in terms that they could afford.

People who don’t have enough liquid assets to purchase a house can get financial assistance through a housing loan. Most real estate companies have bank partners to provide loans for their clients but home buyers may also secure a loan on their own. One can shop for the best housing loan in the Philippines by comparing rates and terms offered by financial institutions. Aside from interest rates, one should also consider the documentary requirements, payment terms, and default options when securing a loan. Not to worry though, there are financial planners or consultants who can help potential borrowers navigate through the terms and conditions of the loan. It is also important to note that not everyone can be qualified for a loan. Each lending institution has its own set of requirements and the amount of loan that may be granted usually depends on a person’s financial profile. At the very least, a stable or steady source of income, good moral character, and good credit standing should give you a good start in your home loan application.

Having a place of your own is essential in starting a family. Even with funding concerns, addressing the need for a new home shouldn’t be kept at bay for so long. A housing loan provides a quick, convenient, and easy way to home ownership. Financial institutions have different options depending on which type of home buyer you are. You can search the net for “housing loan Philippines” to compare which type fits best for you. Aspiring homeowners simply have to look into these loan options to find the quickest route to owning a new house.

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Eco-Friendly Options Are The Best Choice In Modern Bathroom Decor

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Protecting and preserving our environment has become one of the most pressing issues facing us today. When remodeling or updating a bathroom, using Eco-friendly options makes sense. They can save money and save the amount of water used in one room of the home that traditionally uses a lot of water. Conserving resources while keeping the bathroom stylish, comfortable and useful is a commendable goal.

eco-friendly materials

Eco friendly materials for the bathroom furniture

Remodeling and modernizing bathrooms adds value to homes and can add beauty and functionality. A good rule to follow is if bathroom fixtures are dated older than 1994, they should be updated. Elements found in Eco-friendly bathroom decorating include things like:

– Low-wattage lighting

– Furniture and cabinets made from Eco-friendly materials

– Sinks with low-flow faucets that help save water

– Flooring and wall decor in Eco-friendly materials

– Bathtubs crafted from Eco-friendly materials

– Eco-friendly toilets

Options In Eco-Friendly Toilets

There are several options available when choosing Eco-friendly toilets. Some excellent options are available like those found through decorplanet.com/eco-friendly-toilets. Attractive options include:

– Dual flush toilets – Allow users to use less water with each flush and gives users options in how much water to use per flush. These generally feature two buttons, one for a very gentle flush for only liquids and a more powerful flushing option to dispose of solid waste.

– High efficiency toilets – Most of these toilet options use about 1.28 gallons of water with each flush. This is even less water than the amount used by low-flow toilets. These toilets come in a variety of single or dual flush options.

– Low-Flow Toilets – Traditionally these toilets use 1.6 gallons of water per flush or less.

Eco-Friendly Toilets Come in a Variety of Styles and Colors

A bathroom can be given an entirely new, beautiful look along with upgraded functionality by installing eco-friendly toilets. Options include traditional round bowls, elongated styles, square options and even new, trendy rectangular shapes. Individual style can be expressed with a great selection of toilets that can be found to blend perfectly into any decor.

Colors include traditional white, along with options for black, silver, beige, bone or ivory. Seats can be selected from choices of many styles, designs and colors, making the attractive decorating possibilities almost endless. By adhering to eco-friendly options, the environment can be improved for our future generations.

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5 Ways to Make Your Beauty Routine Eco-Friendly

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It’s quite difficult to completely change your everyday routine and move towards 100% green consumption all at once. However, by changing one small part of your lifestyle and consumption habits at a time, you can contribute to making a huge, long-term change. Start with something small but meaningful, like your beauty routine, and make an effort to use only natural and eco-friendly products wherever possible. You’ll find that these small changes will help foster a sustainable lifestyle and change your attitude towards consumption, not to mention that your skin and hair will appreciate the tender loving care.

To get you started on the right path, try these five tips to make your beauty routine more eco-friendly.

1. Mineral makeup

mineral make up, beauty routineWherever possible, avoid cheap and generic makeup brands; opt for something from eco-friendly speciality stores like Biome, who stock 100% natural cosmetics and mineral makeup ranges from leading brands. Use a mineral makeup brand that is high quality, safe, not tested on animals and made in Australia from natural ingredients. Many options are available online and in stores, so do your research, read labels and think twice before purchasing standard, supermarket makeup next time your supply is running low.

2. Organic skincare

Much like makeup, many organic skincare products are available that are made according to the Australian organic standard, which is recognised as one of the most stringent in the world. A cosmetic product that received the Australian Certified Organic Stamp must contain 95% certified organic ingredients, and the remaining 5% must be natural. You would be surprised at the amount of chemicals that you put on your face every day. Choose an organic skincare product that suits your skin and keep your skin free of harmful chemicals. Use an organic skincare range to cleanse and tone your face and neck morning and night, before you put on your makeup and when removing it.

3. Natural soaps

organic soapWhether it is your basin soap or the shower gel you use daily, it’s not hard to find a product that you and your skin will love. Natural soaps are becoming quite popular on the green beauty scene, so look to specialty stores who can offer you advice on which brands are best suited to your skin. Natural soap comes as bars, lotions and many different bath products.

4. Hair treatments

Next time your shampoo and conditioner runs out, replace them with a natural and organic alternative that is made from plants not petrochemicals. It is also a good idea to consider hair treatments that are free from all chemicals, preservatives and synthetic fragrances if you really want to look after the environment and your hair. It may cost you a little bit more initially, but you’ll find quality eco products will make a big different to your hair.

5. Personal Hygiene

Your beauty routine stretches beyond your face and hair to include your whole body. Always seek the most natural, chemical-free personal hygiene products, and you’ll be surprised at the difference they can make. Did you know there are green alternatives for female sanitary products, deodorant, exfoliation products, body scrubs and nail polishes? You can always choose a greener option!

By replacing each of these five products with a greener option as your current supply runs out, you will eventually find yourself using a host of products that are good for the earth and your body. Your beauty routine will benefit from using natural, toxin-free products. And, once you have settled into a routine, you will be able to add more eco-friendly products to use in another part of your lifestyle.

Images from Biome.com.au

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